NEW 2020.03.13 | 14th SUPERTMATIK Mental Maths Challenge | Temporary school closures
Deadlines Extended due to COVID-19, Update
Register of school finalists for the Grand Final: by April 30
Grand Online Final: April 14 - June 12
Publication of the final competition results: June 19
Online Practise Sessions: always available

2020.02.03 | Everything is ready for the 14th edition of Mental Maths Challenge. Try the NEW App HERE


2020.01.01 | 14th Mental Maths Challenge, 2019/20, a worldwide mathematical Challenge for pupils aged 6 to 15 and aims to develop and consolidate their mental maths skills. open enrollment until January 31. For more, please visit Competition section.



2019.11.20 | SUPERTMATIK Challenge 2019/20 forward to interested colleagues, click here


2019.08.23 | The official poster for the 2019/2020 SUPERTMATIK Mental Maths Challenge has been released! Tell us what you think of it! Download Poster: here


2019.06.04 | TOP10/ Official stats SUPERTMATIK








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